Dr. Rita Sterner-Hine
Campaign Chair
Randy Sellers
Campaign Chair

Message from the Campaign Chairs

Waynesboro has a rich history of pride within our community. The primary focus of the WABEC Foundation is to serve the students of Waynesboro Area School District and instill a sense of honor and accomplishments by providing innovative educational opportunities. Within the past two years, the WABEC Foundation has embarked on a broader vision to focus on specific areas: Academics, Arts, and Athletics. The initial part of
our Capital Campaign was very successful. We secured $75,000 to create a Music Technology Lab at the Waynesboro Area Senior High School. WABEC also raised $80,000 to provide each of the four elementary schools a mobile computer lab (120 laptop computers).

Our focus is now on the athletic needs of our students and community. Our goal is to raise $1,575,000 to provide a new synthetic turf field and track for Waynesboro Area School District students and community residents. Students in band, athletics, and physical education classes will all benefit from this project. In addition, elementary and middle school students may use the facility for district activities, sports programs and community events. WABEC’s partnership with the Waynesboro Area School District is evident in their $328,000 commitment to the track project. Together we can make this field and track a focal point of pride in our community!

Our task is challenging but it can be accomplished. We know that many worthwhile causes seek your dedicated endorsement and charitable contributions. Still, we know a synthetic, multipurpose turf field and a new track for the Waynesboro Area Senior High School is an investment in our children and our community. As chairs of this $1,575,000 Capital Campaign, we ask you to share our enthusiasm through your generous financial support.

Capital Campaign Leadership

Sen. Richard Alloway
Honorary Chair
Clinton Barkdoll, Esq.
Honorary Chair
Greg Duffey
Honorary Chair
Rep. Todd A. Rock
Honorary Chair
Dr. Robert Zimmerman
Honorary Chair
Dr. Greg Ochoa
President, WABEC
Dr. Sherian Diller
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Wendy Royer
Assistant Superintendent
of Schools

Steering Committee

Heather Arestad
Bonnie Bachtell
Craig Bailey
Dawn Biesecker
Brian Fisher
Deb Forrester
Eric Griffith
Emily Goodine
Matt Gunder
Derek Hine
Thomas Hoffman
Randy Kuhn
Brennan Marion
Maria Marion
Eric Mcilquham
Steve Pappas
Patric Patterson
Gary Peck, Sr.
Chris Ritter
Brian Stum
Aaron Taylor
Chastity Wantz
Amy Weber

Campaign Committee

Dr. Rita Sterner-Hine
Randy Sellers
Dave Neterer
Dr. Wendy Royer
Julie Sellers


WABEC Foundation
Board of Directors

Dr. Greg Ochoa, President
Randy Sellers, Vice President
Chastity Wantz, Secretary
Julie Sellers, Treasurer
Dr. Rita Sterner-Hine, Director of Operations
Mike Bercaw
Catherine Byers
Randy Kuhn
Jackie Mowen
Dr. Wendy Royer
Dr. Sherian Diller

School District Board
of Directors

Chris D. Lind, President
Sherry Cline, Vice President
Ashley M. Newcomer, Secretary
Bonnie Bachtell, Asst. Secretary
Billie Finn, Treasurer
Firmadge Crutchfield
Rita L. Daywalt
Leland H. Lemley
Edward Wilson

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Sherian Diller, Superintendent
Dr. Wendy Royer, Assistant Superintendent

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